Friday, June 13, 2014

Disappointed yet hopeful

This afternoon I picked up a hutch that I had found on usednananimo earlier this week. It wasn't until my husband was physically loading it into his truck that I realized what a "piece" it was. Not only was it 75% fiberboard, but it had pieces of veneer peeling off. I probably should have walked away at that point, but we had already driven across Nanainmo for it and the seller had it ready for us in his driveway. Oh well. Looks like I have my work cut out for me. My plan is to add some bead board to the back, take out those nasty plastic glass panels and replace them with chicken wire, glue and repair the existing wood and then paint the whole thing "old white". I love the dark stain on the buffet top in my inspiration photo, but unless I rip the fiberboard off and replace it with real wood, that will not be possible. While I am disappointed with the overall condition of this hutch I am hopeful that it is going to be amazing when I am done with it. 

I recently finished this hutch for a friend in the Chilcotin and I am happy with how it turned out. She specifically  requested the colors and the chicken wire inserts. Painting waxing and installing the chicken wire took WAY longer that I anticipated it would, but I am happy that it is done. 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Currently for sale.

I finally got the last to list a bunch of furniture on today. Hurray! Now I can focus on doing some custom work for a client and getting some much needed paperwork done. 

This is my absolute favorite piece right now. At some point this piece must have been left in the rain because the top of it had buckled and split. After a great deal of scrubbing, wood filler, and sanding I applied two coats of "graphite" chalk paint and then sealed the whole piece with clear wax. I replaced the original wood knobs with some glamorous  glass knobs. Just last night I stenciled the top with my favorite french poem and then dry brushed "old white" chalk paint on the edges to give it more dimension. I am thrilled with end result. Find the listing here.

I picked this lovely little side table up at a garage sale last summer. It had been painted white but much of the paint had been marked up or chipped off. I decided to give it a two coats of "duck egg" and then sanded it a bit so that the original white paint peeked through. Afterwards I buffed it with clear wax and a rag until it was  buttery soft. Find the listing here.


My sister in law found this little vintage medicine cabinet at a garage sale for me last summer. It sat neglected in the corner of my husbands garage for quite some time before I decided what to do with it. After a great deal of scrubbing, replacing the back and the front knob, I painted the entire piece in graphite. I used five coats on the front so that it could be used as a chalkboard. See listing here.

This steamer trunk was in rough shape when I found it. Thankfully, it wasn't anything that two coats of "old white" chalk paint and some Velcro couldn't fix. I have listed this item, but I am a little hesitant to sell it as it is my last one. These things tend to sell fast. 

Here is a mirror that I recently painted "old white", distressed and waxed. 
It is is winning formula! Listing found here

I just love the detail on this frame I have decided to list after using it in my craft room for the past year. Listing found here.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Prepping for my first vintage market

About two months ago I was invited to participate in a Mothers Day Vintage Market and Tea in Errington. Apparently the coordinator of the event found me on , where I had listed a few vintage items. I was immediately intrigued,although I haven't participated in a craft fair since I was a child. Growing up  my mother and father often had a booth at our local craft fair. My father sold woodworking and my mom made wreaths, handmade stuffed animals and other crafty things . My sister in law recently started selling handmade items at craft fairs and I was thoroughly impressed with her creativity. She had created little bird mobiles using vintage fabric from her grandma's attic, as well as banners and adorable little wooden toys. 

When I started thinking about what I wanted to sell, I decided  to stick with things I already new how to make. Two years ago Nathaniel and I made a 7" ruler and I have always been curious how well they would sell at a craft fair.

 I always seem to have a stash of frames and heaps of chalk paint so making a couple of chalkboards was a cinch.  I had a bunch of burlap leftover from the pinterest Christmas party that I hosted in December, and used it, along with lace and twine, to decorate some mason jars I also already had.  I plan on filling them with lilacs and attaching cute chalkboard tags.

I used a pile of burlap and twine to create six banners.


I wanted to stay true my "Curbside Joy" aesthetic, which was inspired by the color of sea glass, so I included a couple pieces of small furniture in varying shades of white, turquoise, and sea foam.  A vintage steamer trunk, an old chair, a vanity mirror, a side table, a medicine cabinet, a dresser and a star made out of yard sticks. I recently started working with graphite chalk paint and I love how it looks, especially when paired with antique crystal knobs.

I also decided to make a few handmade cards since  already had all the supplies on hand.

 I had toyed with the idea of selling cupcakes as well, but decided against it, after learning I would need to apply for a permit. Perhaps in the future I may try my hand at some of these eye catching creations.

   I was told that I have 6' by 6' to display my wares, so I have been brainstorming ways to fit all my furniture into the preassigned margins. After careful consideration I decided to forgo a table and just make attractive piles. Here is a mock up of how I plant to display my product at the market.  Now i just need to find a creative way to cram all of this into my Dodge.

This venture finally motivated me to create a business card, something my customers have been asking me to do for some time now. I designed it using my silhouette software and then printed them on craft paper with my canon printer. The fact that I included my furniture blog freaks me out a little bit, but perhaps it will motivate me to update it more often.

 Preparing for this market has motivated me to get a lot done in a short space of time. My goal was to paint and list all my furniture on before the summer starts, and now I am well on my way. I only have two tables left to paint and seal, a custom hutch to paint for  a client, a vintage TV cabinet to turn into a bookshelf, and a secretary desk to glue, sand, and paint.Oh and a heap of vintage chairs to restore and paint. Whew! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Now, if only I can talk myself out of not filling my vehicle with roadside furniture this summer!

The market will be held at the Errington Hall on Saturday, May 10th from 9-2 if you want to come!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Springtime in Paris

A couple months ago I purchased a rather expensive stencil from Royal Design Studios called "Springtime in Paris". I had initially rented the stencil from a fancy paint boutique in town, but decided I needed to buy my own when the stencil was no longer available. I am not kidding, when I say that ANYTHING I stencil with this poem sells within a matter of days. The actual stencil is in French but I was able to find a translation online.
Look at the boughs,
How white they are,
It’s snowing flowers!
Scoffing at the rain,
The sun dries
The weepy willow.
And the sky reflects
In the violets
Its pure colors…
The fly opens its wings
And the dragonfly
With the golden pupils,
And the wasp-like corset,
Unfolding its silky wings,
Has resumed its flight.
The water happily babbles,
The tiny fish wriggles
It’s Springtime again!
- Théophile Gautier
Here is a vintage steamer trunk that I recently painted white, distressed slightly and then stenciled.

Before I painted it, it looked a lot like this trunk, which I still need to paint.
Here is a pedestal table that I painted in a similar fashion. When I found this lovely table it was languishing in someone's yard. The leaf of the table had been utterly destroyed and what remained had been left leaning against the side of the house. The base of the table was being used as a birdbath stand. When I asked the owner if I could have it, they joked about paying me to take it off their hands. My husband helped me reconstruct the underside of the table and attach the necessary hardware. Afterwards I sanded the tabletop with a hand sander and then applied two coats of "Old White" by Annie Sloan. This was followed by a light sanding and a coat of clear wax. I stenciled the top with a poem and then gave it another coat of clear wax.

My most recent project was a custom paint job for a previous client. Her husband had found this darling vanity in a house that was destined for destruction. Last summer she bought a dresser from me and wanted this vanity and side table painted to match. I was more than happy to oblige her. I just LOVE this color. It is called Florence by Annie Sloan. To attain this look I thoroughly washed the piece with a cleaner called tsp, lightly sanded it and then applied one coat of Florence chalk paint. Afterwards I sanded the piece again and then applied a coat of clear wax followed by a coat of dark wax.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

An old door

I recently created this headboard out of an old door I found on the side of the road.  With my hubby's help, I glued a piece of  crown molding from Rona and then topped it with a piece of pine we had kicking around the shop. After giving this door a good sanding, I painted the whole piece with a coat of primer followed by a color called "Safari Expedition". Afterwards I sanded the edges and then antiqued it with a bit of Behr glaze from a friend. Ultimately, I was happy with the finished product and my client was thrilled!
I recently acquired another old door from a scrap pile in someone's yard and I am looking forward to creating another headboard.


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

I think I am a Hoarder...

I think I am a hoarder.
I have an ENTIRE room packed to the brim with furniture, (not to mention the stuff I have piled in a corner of my craft room, or the projects in my hubby's shop) and I still can't resist furniture on the side of the road.  Lately I have been finding tons of stuff at my favorite thrift store. It is only a few blocks from my house, and the guy that owns it gives me killer deals on anything I show interest in.
 Like a squirrel, I am stock piling before the winter comes and furniture becomes difficult to find.  
Today I was out for a run when the sight of some antique mirrors and chairs stopped me in my tracks. Seriously, the last thing I need  is MORE chairs, but these beauties were just begging for restoration. And you know how much I LOVE old furniture..  I have no idea what I am going to do with them, but I love the ornate legs, the wooden wheels, the wood details on the backs of the chair and the fact that the stuffing was original horse hair. These are ancient! These chairs going to look AMAZING when I am done with them. I doubt I will set them as a set since they are all different heights (due to missing hardware and  such), but they will make great occasional chairs.
That being said, these will be a time consuming project. At a glance I know I will need to.....
1.  Pull off the decorative nail trim and remaining velvet
2.  Cut new wood seats, cover them with foam and upholster with fabric
3. Wash the chairs, paint, distress and wax them
Here are a few other pieces I collected this week.